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Barefoot Church Code of Conduct

Barefoot Church is committed to the protection, safety and well-being of all children in its care. Barefoot Church endeavors to do everything possible to prevent child abuse. Everyone participating in Barefoot Church’s programs (including staff & volunteers) must keep the following codes of behavior:

  • Provide an environment which nurtures the developing child and young person and protects them from spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
  • Make sure all kids are supervised at all times by approved leaders.
  • Report any suspicious people in any kids or students programs to a staff member
  • Where applicable, as an approved leader, visually identify yourself (i.e. wearing a name tag)
  • Follow correct toileting procedures. Leaders are to check the bathroom is vacant of adults before kids enter, then stand outside the restrooms and prevent adults from entering the area until all children have exited.
  • Do not ever be alone with a kid or student.
  • Do not ever take kids or students into a solitary or dark place.
  • Do not ever kiss, touch or tickle a kid or student or do anything that has the potential to be perceived as sexual in nature.
  • Do not ever do things of personal nature that a kid or student can do themselves, such as toileting or changing clothes.
  • Do not ever drive or transport a kid without parental permission.
  • Do not ever develop any ‘special’ relationships with kids that could be seen as favoritism such as special treatment.
  • Do not ever allow or participate in anything done in a closed, secretive environment.